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No coding knowledge is necessary, and there's no time spent editing code.

Pay only once

One-time payment, no monthly fee to publish the theme to your store.

Free lifetime update

Your store will receive free & regular updates for lifetime.

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Lezada ensuring a faster shopping experience for your buyers.

Design that sells anythings

Creating an online store and selling your wares is a simple process.

World class support

We are renowned for providing quality and reliable customer support.


People already using LEZADA

Samuel Siegel UI UX Designer

Amazing theme and incredible customer service. I needed something changed and they’ve gone on my site and fixed the code for me. Brilliant and full of features.

Zoeizel Developer

There are no words to express my gratitude for their customer service. They answered my questions quickly and provided very easy to understand explanations.

Kinraden Manager

Excellent customer service and support! And a nice theme with a lot of options, good features and nice designs!

Watch Me Succeed General Manager

Nice item for pet brand with a modern and well organized design, good and quick customer service.

More than just a theme

One time charge
No more Monthly fee

Features Shopify App Cost Lezada
Cart recommendations $180.00 Free
Countdown timer $84.00 Free
Size chart $65.00 Free
Popup $110.00 Free
Cart drawer new $77.00 Free
Smart Search $115.00 Free
Advanced Filtering new $250.00 Free
Color Swatches $160.00 Free
Mega menu $90.00 Free
Quick View $88.00 Free
Cart Sticky $66.00 Free
LookBook $115.00 Free
Product Compare $99.00 Free
Multi Image Variant $77.00 Free
Wishlist $88.00 Free
Instantly Improve Conversions

30+ Features Videos
That help to control your store at hand.

Header Setting

You'll be able to customize your logo, navigation, edit the message, and more.

Footer setting

The footer is the last section of a Shopify theme. It contains the copyright and contact information for the theme owner, as well as any other information that is necessary to display on all pages.

Store Policy Pages

Shopify Store Policy Pages are the pages on your Shopify store that detail your return store policies, Privacy policy, return policies, shipping rates and Contact information about your store.

Checkout & Accounts

Shopify provides a checkout and account section where you can set up your Checkout style, Customer account settings, Customer contact method , Tipping, Order processing and more.

Add Language

Shopify is a platform that allows users to create and add language features, which can be used to translate pages into different languages.

Contact Email

You can manage your Shopify contact email through the Dashboard and edit it at any time using the Email Preferences section.

Create Product Discount

The Shopify Product Discount section allows you to offer a discount for a product on your store. This can be achieved by setting the percentage of the discount, or set a specific amount.

Storefront Filtering

Shopify Storefront Filtering is a feature that allows merchants to filter the products on their store by attributes such as price, color, size and more.

Different Sale Channel

The company's multi-channel e-commerce solution consists of a platform that manages the inventory, orders and payments; a point of sale system for retail stores; and integration with social media sites for marketing purposes.

Dynamic Checkout Button

Shopify Dynamic Checkout Button is an excellent way to improve the online shopping experience. This feature allows the customer to complete the purchase without having to leave the page they are on.

Enable Google ReCaptcha

Google ReCaptcha is a tool that helps to protect websites from spam and abuse. It is a free service offered by Google that protects websites from spam and abuse.

Find an apps

Shopify has its own app store where you can find apps that will help you in your business.You can choose the best app for your needs and get it installed on your store with just a few clicks.

How to add social sharing image.

Adding social sharing images to your Shopify store is a great way to increase customer engagement.

How to connect domain

Shopify Domain Connect can be set up in minutes. All you need to do is sign up for an account with Shopify Domain Connect and provide them with the information from your domain registrar account.

Product Collections

A Shopify product collection is a group of products that are grouped together and sold as a bundle. They are the perfect way to build an audience of customers who want to buy more than just one product at a time.

Language Translate

Shopify Language Translate is a good service that helps international customers to understand the language of the Shopify platform. It’s also useful for merchants who want to expand their business internationally.

Shopify Payment Method Setup

Shopify offers a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. This article will show you how to set up a new payment method on Shopify.

Store Pickup

Shopify Store Pickup is a service that allows online stores to offer their customers the convenience of picking up their order from a physical location.

Typography Setting

Easily change the font, custom font, font weight, and size of the body text by simply adjusting a few options. Buttons can be easily inserted too.

Color Settings

Shopify theme settings color is an important part of the theme customization process. You can change colors and make your store look more attractive and unique.

Easy creation

Create your online store in a minute.

Want to start and grow your business? Explore all the tools and services you need on Lezada.

  • All Sections are easy to use and customizable.
  • Parallax & Video backgrounds
  • Save time and money with Lezada
  • Boost your online shop with Lezada
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Big Template Libraries

Looking for a way to create a stunning website design? Check out our templates and see how simple building your new site can be.

Awesome Shop

Lezada give you the option to customize your designs to match your mood and bring in an unique touch.

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Frequently Asked Question

Whatever you're looking for, you can find it with us. Our range includes tons of amazing features with unlimited possibilities.

The Lezada Shopify theme is a clean and modern theme for Shopify stores. To install the Lezada Shopify theme, you need to login to your Shopify dashboard and go to Online Store -> Themes. From there, click on Add New and then find the Lezada Shopify Theme. Next, click on the Install button and follow the on-screen installation.

To update the Lezada theme to the online store 2.0 version, copy 1 folder (templates) and 1 file (settings data.json) from your current theme and replace it in your updated theme. More...

Your purchase of Lezada, you will receive:
- Forever free professional support is available.
- 250+ pre-built demos, with new sites released regularly.
- 50+ designed sections. Frequently, new sections are added over time.
- Free, consistent, and stable updates to ensure compatibility with industry standards and trends.

No, there are no recurring license fees required for Lezada. The software is completely free to use and provides you with lifetime updates at no extra cost.

If you have any questions or need anything, just contact our customer service. We'll be more than happy to help. More...

Yes, each of our prebuilt demos is 100% customizable. All prebuilt demos are professionally designed by our in-house design team, created to showcase Lezada capabilities and save you time. Once installed, Lezada lets you customize the content and layouts to your liking. You can add your own images, change text, change colors, or even change any of the layouts using the Shopify theme editor.

The Lezada Shopify theme is a one-stop solution for every online store. The theme has been designed to offer a unique, responsive and attractive design that can be customized in minutes without any code knowledge. It includes everything from unlimited color options to product filters, powerful customization options and more.
- Lezada is 100% internally developed, so we can put a lot of effort and care into it.
- Free, consistent, and stable updates ensure compatibility with industry standards and trends.
- Lots of customizable options and faster editing your content.
- We value customer opinions, which is why we've updated our services based on what customers have been saying.

Good Speed

The Fastes Shopify Theme Ever.

Let your store get a boost it needs for success with our affordable themes. With quick and dedicated support, you can focus on what you do best.


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First Contentful Paint


First Contentful Paint


First Contentful Paint


Page Speed Score


Unlimited Possibility With tons of features.

Lezada is an easy-to-use, hassle-free platform that gives you all the features you need to create a beautiful website. A title is an investment.


Selling internationally

Lezada supports many currencies, countries, and languages. You can also translate between multiple of these languages if you need to.


RTL support

Customers in those countries can benefit from this content because it's designed to be more readable for them.


Pop-up newsletter

Use email to regularly promote your site with a popup newsletter and you won't have to spend so much money on marketing.


Mega menu

If you are looking to design an intuitive, logical and easy to read navigation for your website, use a mega-menu.


Quick View

View product details in a popup without leaving the current page. We offer a seamless experience with popup details.


Multi-images variant

You can add multiple images to the same variant to show shoppers what the product looks like from different angles or in different contexts.


Product Media

Product media can include images, 3D models, and videos. Using 3D models for your products gives your customers a better understanding of the product and how it works.


Sticky cart

Keep the Add to Cart button visible as customers browse and scroll; this will give them a chance to browse the products in more detail and make it easy for them to decide what they want.


Stock Counter

You can check the current stock level for a product here.



Lookbooks are a portfolio of images that display a product line or collection.


Product Reviews

Automatically integrate with Shopify Product reviews app and display reviews on product pages.


Trust badges

Trust badges indicating Payment and checkout are easy and secure.


Size chart

The right size is important to get the best experience out of your product. Check below for the general sizes chart!


Image Rollover

When you hover your mouse over an image, the following images show up.


Frequently Asking Question

Provide an FAQ section to answer visitor questions about anything from returns to shipping.


Product Tabs

You can view information pertaining to various aspects of the product or service.


Color Swatches

The Shopify theme product Color swatch was designed by the developer, and it comes with many pre-defined color schemes.


Predictive Search

Shopify has introduced a predictive search that makes it easier for customers to find products they are looking for.


Real Website Examples

Lezada provides its clients with the best solutions to make their online store stand out and be successful.

My Meat box

For Customer Support

Teral Delices

For Theme Development

Nutri Bullet

For Theme Design

On Pets Life

For Flexibility


For Feature Availability


For Customer support

Cafe Canal

For Flexibility


For Documentation Quality


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